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    [120918] Tasty's Twitter Update



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    [120918] Tasty's Twitter Update

    Post by tonychang0929 on Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:15 pm

    [120918] Tasty's Twitter Update

    ㅋㅋ호정아 고마워^^"@hl7989: 너나알아???테이스티오빠분들이랑 함께한 쎄씨이번호~~노래중독성b^^d(@tastytwins0809) pic.twitter.com/WmI4zi9i"

    [TRANS] ㅋㅋ Hojung-a Thank You^^ "@hl7989: You know Me??? Together with the Tasty brothers for Ceci's upcoming issue~~The song is addictive b^^d (@tastytwins0809)

    Translated by @tastyph

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