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    [TRANS] 121116 Soryong’s Fan Cafe Message


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    [TRANS] 121116 Soryong’s Fan Cafe Message

    Post by TreatFanboy on Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:48 am

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    Title: Hello Twings~~~This is Soryong.

    Hello ~~ Twings^^…. I don’t know what I should say to begin..ㅡㅡ::
    First of all, for loving us, believing in us and for always supporting us, our fans, I want to say thankful words first.
    Time spent being a trainee was so long and tough…Also to be able to meet everyone like this now. So much perspiration and tears..And also being in despair and being disappointed repetitively, we’ve arrived here after working hard by only looking forward …

    Looking back, it seems like everything was for the time to meet our Twings.

    Before our debut, when we look at the posts written on the fan cafe by our Twings, we practice with excited hearts till our shirts got drenched in perspiration. It feels like it was just a few days ago but it has already been 100 days. Do you remember~? The day of our first broadcast..That stage ? ?

    To us, it is a day that we will never forget forever…

    Thanks to our fans’ support, our first stage was able to end successfully. It was an overwhelming day, we are still not able to forget it.

    Also, thanks to the fans who were always on our cafe supporting us.

    We are always gaining strength~(When we feel worn out, we go over to the fan cafe, we read the posts that our fans have left for us, smile and then go back to pushing on while practicing..You didn’t know that right?^^)

    For acknowledging us, our Twings who give us energy, strength and love, because of you we will work even harder!

    And we are thankful and more thankful to our fans.

    Also, before we go on stage every time, the both of us have a conversation. Saying “Today our fans are waiting just to see us.. Let’s do our best for our fans and let them watch a great performance!”…If we do that much and give it our all, everyone will be able to captivated by that space.

    We’ll be together for a long time in the future right~? We’ll work hard to be the Tasty that Twings can be proud of!!!

    When fans see us, they always want hearts…
    We are very shy and weak in giving hearts and in aegyo.. ㅜㅜ Haha

    We’re always doing hearts wrongly but please know that we sincerely treat each and everyone of our fans with warm hearts~~^^

    (Hearts..Well, gradually…a lot will be sent flying your way if everyone wants it!~ So if you want to receive hearts, come on yo !!!ㅋㅋ)

    The weather has been cold ~
    First, health. Second, also health. Third, also health ~

    I always say this but wear a lot ~~ of clothes. Wear plenty of layers, so that your beauty doesn’t fade away ^^

    With everyone’s love, we’re always thankful. We will also work hard as much as we have received~~

    Well. Have a good night !!
    We’re working hard with our preparations for our next album so let tomorrow come quickly and please anticipate and show a lot of interest ^^

    - Twings’ one and only Tasty’s Soryong. To Tasty’s one and only Twings -

    T/N: “We’re working hard with our preparations for our next album so let tomorrow come quickly” means that he wants time to pass quickly so that the album will come out soon.

    cr: @trixles (via @jeongtwins)
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