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    Tasty2wins Fancafe Update


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    Tasty2wins Fancafe Update

    Post by TreatFanboy on Sat Dec 01, 2012 4:23 pm

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    안녕하세요 ~~ 트윙즈 여러분들 !! 그리고 새로 카페가입하신 트윙즈분들 !!

    날씨춥죠 많이 ?? 후후 저희는 추위많이 타는편이라 추워서 죽는줄 .... ㅋㅋㅋ

    추위많이타시는 트윙즈분들 같이 화이팅해서 이 옷속으로 파고들어오는 바람들을 차단해버리고

    이혹독한 추위를 견디자구요 ~~! ㅋㅋ




    팬카페응원순위 7위 !!!!!!!! what ????? 7위?????? 예쓰 7위 !!!!

    오마이갓 !!!!! ㅜㅜㅜ트윙즈여러분들 ...... 비활동시기에 또 이런 감동주시네요 !?

    고맙습니다 여러분 ~~ 열심히 준비해서 훨씬더 낳아진 모습으로 다시 찾아갈게요 .

    그때까지 기다려주실거죠 ~?

    마지막으로 이사진은 저희 트위터도 구글플러스도 아닌 저희 팬카페에서만 공개하는사진이예요 ~

    우리 특별한 트윙즈분들을 위한사진 ~~~~~ ^^*

    그럼 즐거운 밤 온화한 밤 되세요 ~^^

    위윌비빼애애애애액 ~~~~~!!

    [TRANS] Hello ~~ Twings !! and also to the new registered twings !!

    is the weather so cold ?? huhu for us it's bloody freezing .... ㅋㅋㅋ

    it may be so cold but hwaiting to our twings wear a lot of clothes to protect you from the cold

    and withstand it ~~! ㅋㅋ




    fanclub cheering rank is no.7 !!!!!!!! what ????? no.7?????? yes no.7 !!!!

    oh my god !!!!! ㅜㅜㅜtwings ...... during this period where we don't have any activities we're really impress !?

    thank you everyone ~~ we will sincerely work harder .

    may i ask you to wait until then ~?

    and lastly this picture is not available on twitter and google+ it's exclusive for the fancafe ~

    the photo is for our special twings ~~~~~ ^^*

    so have a fun night ~^^

    we will be baaaaaccccckkkkkkk ~~~~~!!

    translation by @tastyph

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