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    [TRANS] 030113 TASTY MTV Taiwan Interview.


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    [TRANS] 030113 TASTY MTV Taiwan Interview.

    Post by TreatFanboy on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:21 am

    Q: DaeSoryong twins look REALLY alike! How do we differentiate the older and the younger twin?

    DR: Our difference..? I’m the hyung, my teeth are bigger and i have rabbit teeth. So my teeth are not that neat. Dongsaeng’s (Soryong) teeth are neater. And..

    SR: Our hairstyle (& hair colour) is/are different. Hyung’s hair colour is more elegant(?) and mine is just normal colour.

    Q: After debut, any memorable thing(s) happened to the twins?

    SR: The most memorable was when we were preparing for ‘You Know Me”s album, when we first listened to the song, we thought it was weird and the lyrics were funny. So i thought this song was strange.

    Q: As INFINITE’s juniors, but older than INFINITE, their relationship must be close? How do they usually hang out?

    SR: Actually everyone is very close. I (or we) meet Dongwoo the most. We will meet and chat. And also Woohyun. Although we always say we want to play a match (of basketball).. Till now, we haven’t played.

    DR: And Hoya.. We’re close to Hoya as well, we meet frequently to talk.. Talk about dance, music etc. He’s a close friend. So we get along well.

    Q: Any sort of telepathic happenings?

    SR: Because we’re twins.. Whatever i’m thinking of, he (DR) will be thinking of the same thing.

    Q: Have the twins been to Taiwan?

    SR: Honestly, I’ve never been to Taiwan. Really want to visit Taiwan. When i was young, i really like Taiwanese music. My favourite singers are Jay Chou, Khalil Fong. Really like their music! His (khalil’s) song “Love Love Love”, I really like it. So i really like Taiwanese Pop. I like Wang Lee Hom as well.

    DR: Other than liking the music, we have friends from Taiwan as well. Heard from our friends that Taiwan is a really great place. Kimberlin Chan~! (their good friend)

    (The twins each sang a chinese song.)

    Q: If they come to Taiwan, what food do they want to try?

    SR: In terms of food, we eat everything. If i can go to Taiwan i want to visit the Night Market.

    DR: I want to go shopping in Taiwan.


    SR: To Taiwan fans, we’re working very hard preparing (for our comeback). Hopefully, next year (2013; this year lol) we’ll have a chance to visit Taiwan. If we do come, please come and support us and watch us perform happily!

    DR: And~ We really want to visit Taiwan.. I hope that when we come, we’ll put on our best performance! Hope TASTY will meet everyone in Taiwan!!


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