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    Post by TreatFanboy on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:33 am

    안녕하세요 트윙즈분들 ~`

    날씨많이 춥죠 ? 오늘은 추웟어요 ..ㅜㅜ

    음 ,,, 이렇게 글쓰게된이유는 오늘 한이모팬이 사무실로 사랑을 보내주셨네요 ...여기서사랑은 (편지들 .선물들 ,카페응원글 등등)

    그리고 비활동기간임에도 불구하고 팬분들이 주신 사랑들 잘받았습니다 ,

    비활동 기간에도 이렇게 저희를 생각해주시고 보고싶어서 사랑을 보내주시는 분들 또 남겨주시는분들 ..

    우리가 당신들을 자주자주 더많이 보기 위해서라도 더열심히 연습하고

    가수 , 댄서 , 앤터테이너로서 더 성장할거예요 .

    쉬는기간 동안 여러모로 더 성장해서 당신들의 자랑스런 테이스티가 될게요

    고마워요 내일도 트윙즈생각하면서 화이팅할거예요

    트윙즈분들도 공부가 힘들고 직장이 힘들고 세상이 힘들어도 화이팅해요 !^^

    그럼 저는 이만 좋은밤 되세요

    ps:진지하네요 글이 그만큼 지금제기분은 진지해요 ,,ㅋ

    Hello twings ~`

    The weather is really cold, right? It was really cold today .. ㅜㅜ

    mmm.. the reason we are writing this is because an aunt fan sent love to our office.. the love in here (letters. presents, cafe support messages etc)

    and despite our period of inactivity, we received the love given from fans,

    even during this time of inactivity, those who still thought of us, sending love to us because you missed us, and those who remained with us ..

    in order to see you all much more often, we practise very hard

    and we will grow better as singers, dancers and entertainers.

    we improved well during this resting period to be the tasty that you all will be proud of

    thank you, we will be “fighting” tomorrow too while thinking of twings

    even when studying is hard and work is hard and this world is hard, twings “fighting” too!^^

    and so have a good night

    ps: this is really serious, my mood now is as serious as this post „ ㅋ

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