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    [130128] Idol Sports Athletic Championship


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    [130128] Idol Sports Athletic Championship Empty [130128] Idol Sports Athletic Championship

    Post by TreatFanboy on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:08 pm

    "@tyinfinite: 아육대: Woohyun was going to approach Tasty but Inspirits shouted "Don't go!! 키, 키!" (키 can mean height/SHINee Key, so i'm not sure.. =/)"

    "@jonggdae: OH MY WGAUAJQKSJMS RT EXO_M_K: Before the start Luhan was talking to one of twins from Tasty cr: Brownie蛋糕Queen_B via:ohbaeks"

    "@tasty2_wins: RT @.TheTasty2: RT @.luhanqt Luhan kept talking to Tasty's So Ryong while waiting for the race to start"

    *maybe they were talking in chinese since the twins are fluent with it and luhan is chinese @^_^

    cr: tastyph

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