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    Twitter Translation 130131 5:31am KST


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    Twitter Translation 130131 5:31am KST

    Post by TreatFanboy on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:55 pm

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    [TRANS] We are not Tasty who are feeling tired because of the comeback delay.. we are preparing more during this time and preparing with a mind to meet everyone with a better look~

    RT @TASTYTWINS0809: 컴백 딜레이때문에 힘들어하는테이스티가아닙니ㄷㅏ..이시간동안준비더많이준비하고멋진모습으로다시만날생각에 열심히준비하고잇습니다~

    translation by shikkie♡
    via: TastyPH

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