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    Twitter Translation 130131 5:20am KST


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    Twitter Translation 130131 5:20am KST

    Post by TreatFanboy on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:59 pm

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    [TRANS] I can’t sleep..feels like my head is going to explodeㅠㅜand Tasty’s comeback was delayed, the fans who were waiting for us must know too right, so that the wait will be more bearable…as much as this, we are thinking of our fans..

    RT @TASTYTWINS0809: 잠안와요..머리속이 터질것같아요ㅠㅜ그리고 테이스티컴백이 미뤄졋어요 우릴기다리시는팬분들도 알고기다리셔야지 기다리기덜힘드시니까요…이만큼팬분들생각하고잇다는거..

    translation by shikkie♡
    via: TastyPH

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