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    [TWITTER UPDATES 2012.08.25]

    Post by tonychang0929 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:47 pm

    솔비누나 감사합니다~ 오뚜기 화이팅!!^^RT @solbBest:요즘 완전 끌리는 그룹! 너 나알어?♪ 테이스티와 함께~~~^^ 오뚝이 춤을~~~~~~♥♥♥

    TRANS: Solbi nuna thank you~ Ottogi fighting!!^^RT @solbBest: The entirely attractive group lately! You know me?♪ Together with TASTY~~~^^ Ottogi’s dance~~~~~~♥♥♥

    trans cr. yerim @ tastytrans (please take out with full credits)

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