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    [TRANS] 1st Look Interview - Twins Attack 1/3


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    [TRANS] 1st Look Interview - Twins Attack 1/3

    Post by cindyloco on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:42 pm

    Part I

    1+1 is not 1, like Infinite is not some math formula that we know. This is what Tasty about. As a twins duo group Tasty, they’ve brought new taste of music with their strong-beat debut song

    Host: Tasty doesn’t have many definitions so what is your group’s name (Tasty) definition?
    Soryong: It means sexy, handsome and to show our capabilty. Our group name contains various meanings through which, we want to show various sides of us

    Host: Being capable of many things, how are you gonna perform it ??
    Soryong: I don’t know exactly how to say but I think that defines Tasty the most. People around us says that we’re very friendly, it can be another way to describe Tasty. Everyone looks at us and says that we have good personality also good gratitude
    Daeryong: We will reveal to you the more exact definition of Tasty on stage 

    Host: Watching you guys on stage I can say that your dance style is very impressive and sexy
    Daeryong: There’s lots of ppl saying that we’re sexy. It’s such an honor to us

    Host: So how did you come up with Tasty?
    Soryong: There were originally many names but our boss chose Tasty 1 day before shooting the MV (Daeryong: It’s boss-nim’s idea)

    Host:So what are the other choices?
    Soryong: There were many strange names like Pepsinex, Do it and because we’re a twins duo so 11 was also an option. Actually, I thought it sounds like goblins or ghosts

    Host:Why? Is it because of the thought “why ghost?”
    Soryong: That’s why, it didn’t make any sense at all. I found it funny though haha
    Daeryong: Soryong also suggested one, 2NE2 isn’t it hahaha !!! Everyone was surprised 
    Soryong: It was meant to follow 2NE1 sunbaenim footstep but the reaction was not so good 

    Host: Then what was the reaction when Tasty was picked?
    Daeyryong:  It was like ~ “Ah this is it !! Our group name sounds really nice” 

    Host:Daeryong Soryong are very unique names. Are those you real name?
    Soryong: Yes, Because we were born in the year of dragon so mom named us after the Dragon (Ryong)
    Daeryong: Dragon is a mysterious and powerful specie, hoping that we’ll become as handsome and  moral as the dragon

    Host: Such good explanation, your mom chose really nice name for you two
    Daeryong “To become dragons” really means something, like our names, we want to become the real dragons some day 
    Soryong: We will continue to become the dragons in the furure haha

    Host: Well, you two are twins …
    Daeryong: Although we’re twins but to look carefully, we’re different. Our characters are completely different. 

    Part II

    Host: I can see that your appearances are totally the same, is it only your appearance?
    Soryong: Our physical appearances are almost the same, our waist, legs also fingers length. There was a time when the stylist had to measure us to make costume, she measured Daeryong first and then me, so I thought “Why would she have to do the same thing twice?” (laugh). I hope she won’t suffer from hard work like this anymore

    - I heard every twins have some kind of telepathy, are you two the same too?
    Daeryong: We think alike a lot. Like today we don’t have to work so I want to go shopping later. Then Soryong appeared and said “Let’s go shopping later” ~ something like that

    - Being together in such a long time, there must be something similar interest right? How is that?
    Daeryong: our interest isn’t different from each other’s much. I like basketball and collect lots of basketball shoes. I know that Soryong likes basketball too. However, I have no idea since when he started collecting basketball shoes like I do 
    Soryong: Well, living with him everyday I can see that his interest is not bad and it draws a little attraction to me, so I start my own collection but it’s not a big one, I just occasionally collect them

    - You two like basketball?
    DaeSoRyong: Very much. There was one time we went to watch KBL League together. We watch a lot matches carefully

    - Any favorite basketball player?
    Soryong: Yes, I like Jin Xiaofan and 权泰丰. You have to see them playing, really handsome (*I have no idea what the players’ Korean name is =.=)
    Daeryong: I like Lee Dongjoon,  we played with him once

    - How did it feel?
    Soryong: We used to borrow the sport hall to play basketball with some pro players once a week. One day Lee Dongjoon came when we were playing, so we aked for a match with him. I like him just by looking at him. What should I do, I was so nervous, even didn’t greet him well. And the result? Of course we lost

    - I heard that you were with JYP for quite a long time
    Soryong: We were at JYP in 5 years and it’s almost 1 year since we left, after a long time being trainees
    Dareyong: We passed JYP audition and then were sent to the US. After several years of training we came back to Korea. Our debut date wasn’t decided and friends who came after us had already debuted. We thought maybe we didn’t well-prepared but we were very anxious. Why don’t chances come to us? It was such hard time

    - Have you ever searched “Tasty” then “JYP twins dancers” came out as a result?
    Soryong: JYP past temporary backup dancers. We had our fan cafe level back then
    Daeryong: Like Rain sunbaenim, we became JYP sunbaenim’s backup dancers so that we will be regconized


    Translated by 02251988.tumblr.com; Please take out with full credit. Thanks ♥

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