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    [120829] Hello!! This is Soryong~!!


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    [120829] Hello!! This is Soryong~!!

    Post by cindyloco on Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:31 pm

    테이스티 소룡이에요~!!
    팬카페 생기고 '너 나 알아'라고 외친게 엊그제 같은데 벌써 회원수가 만명을 넘었네요...
    믿겨지지가 않아요^^;; 너무나 감사드려요~ 아시죠? Very Happy
    앞으로 더 멋진 모습으로 보답하는 테이스티가 되겠습니다!!
    내일 엠카 스페셜 무대! 준비 많이 했습니다~
    기대 많이 해주시고 응원도 많이해주세요~^^


    This is Tasty's Soryong~!!
    we were really surprised to hear that yesterday our fancafe members already reached 10,000...
    i still can't believe it^^;; we were really grateful~ do you know it? Very Happy
    Tasty will work hard to show you a more stylish us in the future!!
    tomorrow is Mcountdown special stage! please look forward for it~
    please anticipate it and cheer us a lot~^^

    translated by @tastyph

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