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    [120912] Hello~ Everyone^^


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    [120912] Hello~ Everyone^^

    Post by cindyloco on Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:34 pm

    늦은밤까지 주무시지 않고 계시는 분들 계시나요~?
    있으시다면 저희모두 내일을 위해서 룡나잇 하셔야될거같아요~
    그럼저흰이만~~~모두들 룡나이이이이잇~~^^

    it's late at night will there be confuse people if i don't reveal who am i~?
    if there is let us all know i'll be going RYONGnight~
    yeah, so i guess that's it~~~ Everyone RYONGnight~~^^
    -Tasty- (Daeryong? Soryong?) Razz

    translated by @tastyph

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