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    Q&A - Trendy Magazine Empty Q&A - Trendy Magazine

    Post by TreatFanboy on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:51 am

    Motto: “YOLO” You only live once.
    Mantra: What is my mantra? I think there is nothing special.
    The song you listen to nowadays: LL Cool J’s “I Need Love”
    Favourite movie: Movies? I like a lot of movies. But i like the korean movie “Perfect Game” recently.
    Favourite food: I like all of them. Korean and chinese food.
    Favourite colour: Black, white, orange and blue.
    Things you hate most: having nothing to do.
    Favourite animal: Dogs.
    Thing must be done before sleeping: use the computer, surf the net.
    First thing done after waking up: eat.
    Things that has to be in your bag: tooth brush, toopaste, charge, oh~ and clothes. Nothing more.
    Habit that has to be corrected: Because i’m always very straight forward when talking, and quite evil sometimes, i hope i can change this.

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