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    [120828] Tasty @ Younha Starry Night Radio



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    [120828] Tasty @ Younha Starry Night Radio

    Post by tonychang0929 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:04 am

    @/mbcstar: 라디오 첫방은 별밤에서 해야……진리!! 가요계의 뉴스톼일~!쌍둥이 듀오, 테이스티!! 지금 둑흔둑흔하며 라디오 첫방 준비중~!

    [TRANS] First Radio broadcast happens in Starry Night……It’s True!! New Style in the music industry~! Twin Duo, TASTY!! Preparing for the radio broadcast~!

    translated by @tastyph (twitter)

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